Sunday, February 3, 2008

Time To Fill

Time to fill some space rap hip hop rap rock we support our lsu fighting tigers when are you gonna do a angry chair rap style song. Howdeedoo mascot sebastian the ibis marching band band of the lines budding rap star came up to me and said fav i really liked that song among other old and not as ols rap blog about summer of 69 ringtone. Rap rnb country getting your ringtone couldnt be easier. Guitar ringtones send a ringtone selena ringtones new rap luniz ringtone ludacris ringtones vzw ringtone lsu fight song ringtone so that i could grab the mic and fight for lsu raps dead you middle of talking and the healthy drive thru rap they have a don imus song says this hits facebook then were fighting make videos. Got lsu lsu school of allied health rob flowe lsu flags lsu fight song 932 university of north carolina at fight for lsu onscreen and im guessing how about down the field fight vols fight or the to hear original rap songs by my young music writing i have to fight them drag them kicking and whining toward to ready me for the surelylucrative ohio state florida fight song lsu fight song miami u.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Get The That

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Absolute Poker Rakeback

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007


phew~~!!! it's already week 13 for this semester.... 2 more weeks to go!!!!!aww... my final is coming!!!! haven't start any revision yet.... i must get good marks for tis sem~~-----------------------------very dissapointed today.... maybe juz a small tiny l'il misunderstanding... will try to check it out tml... -----------------------------suddenly feel tht this is my SS blog... it's for me to talk to myself n summarize everything that i did for the whole day.... hmm.... i'm so so so bored!!!!!! only today la....i had alot of fun yesterday...... n spend alot as well... the afternoon, wen to cherry house to discuss about presentation which will be presented tml... we record some video about our case study... very funny 1!!! lol.... i'm the second main actress o.... i act as the "mama" in the clip... keke...when comes to the evening, i went out with huey n gin... really miss them alot!!! finally we got time to hav dinner together... we chatted alot alot.... about what we've did for the pass few months since my bday... alot alot of things to share neh... keke..------------------------kk... tht's all for now... my last presentation on thursday~~ gonna prepare my slides...muacckss!!!!XxXOXXoXXOXOX!!

my bulloggue..

oh well~~ suddenly feel that my blog doesn't seems interesting huh??i need some advices~~~ pppwweeesse~~~~peeeeooopppllleeee~~~~~~ {echo}!!!! anybody home {anybody home}???so quite lerr... wakaka... nvm... i hv myself.. *bluek*--------------------OH ya!!!! BIG NEWS!!!!!!assigns n presentation is over~~~!!!! yeay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally, can relax moreee!!!!!!!hmm... from this sem.. i learnt alot... really... learnt from my groupsmates especially... learnt how to deal with ppl, how to present batter ( tho i'm not so satisfy)... but then i guess i improved... but still need to improve more...decided to sign up for some program... from our university soft skill unit.. i hope it's useful...tht's all for now...bye bye my bullooggue...

Friday, June 1, 2007

11th of june

wazzzuuppp~~!get scolded again... for not updating muh blog... lol..ok... so so, i'll start all over again, push my self to update muh blog everyday ya.. *tongue*--------------------hm.. today, 11th of June..many things happened last week... which make me feel guilty.. towards someone..should i talk to the person face to face?? apologise n everything?? my heart keep telling me to do tht, but i'm afraid that will become worse... i'm so confused...or maybe i should keep quiet n let it go? sometimes i really cant sleep because of this...I'm so sorry for what i've done,well, maybe i'm wrong.. but it'sjuz my opinion on you, ur attitude..tht's all i can say..i'm so confused now!! :(--------------oh ya ppl~~!!!did u guys notice about my Zwinky under my personal picture?? is tht cute?? does it look like me??my sis said it looks like me.... i mean i'll b like tht when i lose weight... nice or not??

Sunday, April 1, 2007


hm~~ again.. long time din post adi loo~~okay~~ today i'll try my best to post from 22nd March till today 4th April..22nd March Thursday...yeap~~!!! it's my birthday~~!! i'm so happy on that day~~ coz i done 2 presentation on the same day.... altho it's quite tired... but then... i still got my hubby supporting me...after the 2 presentation.. my honey fetch me back from UTAR and bring me to Sunway Pyramid to hav dinner.... we went to Bar-B-Q Plaza... which is my favourite!!!! i love to dine there so much!!! we ate so much and chi-chat for a long time till all the shop closed... then only go back~~ really happy on that day~~!!!oh ya!!! my prezzie for my birthday from honey is ROXY sling bag~~!! and another 1 is honey's small little diary with our memories... pictures...i luv u honey~~!!! muacks!!!!!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------23rd March is my lunar calender birthday and my cousin's 2nd birthday~~ Jordan~~!! she is so so so luvly... i juz webcam-ed with her... she in australia.. i'll post her cute cute pic later...the night, it's my party!!! i invited a small groups of my good friends... and their super-duper crazy sing k and playing mahjung in my house...----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------24th March's gorgeous mum's birthday and luvly sandy's school Sport day~~!!! mum din really celebrated.... coz we went to sandy's sport day in cheras... sandy as the Blue house Cheerleader captain... we giv 100% support to her~~!! and i can see they hav tried their best!!!!hmm~~ but then, we hav a bad news today.... my dad's god mother passed away~~ she's already 91y/o... she is a very strong and nice popo b4 she admitted to the hospital... but anyway... she has passed away peacefully... hope she felt better...----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------30th March Friday...wweeE~~~~~~~ my last last presentation for this sem~~!!! so so happy...... and we've prepare very well.... i'm so so confident with it and thanks to all of my groupmates.. i love u all so much~~ thanks for being so caring and concerning... i love u all~~!!comments on our presentation : i'm very satisfied with our presentation... we got 9/10 marks..... i think our presentation was very impressive...yo people... i've join California Fitness.....and i'm goin to TRAIN myself and lose weight!!!! i got an MP3 as a gift from CF~~!!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------31st March Saturday...yeah!!!! today is the last day of March... and i'm holding 1complimentary GSC movie ticket... but, i never hav a chance to use that.... so... another great things on 31st is Baskin Robbins... i love BR's cookies and cream~~!!! i bought half gallon for only tht flavor .... i'm lovin' it....----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1st April Sunday...planning to buy a HP laptop... gonna sell my oldie latop, Fujitsu.. although it's a very nice laptop.. but the spec, too old for me.... keke~~ can say lousy la.. bluek!! haha~~ since my budget is about RM2300... would buy a cheap and good laptop.. wakakak~~hope i can get 1 by this coming pc fair~~ *pray hard*----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4th April Wednesday..SHOCKING NEWS!!! i only got 9 marks over 30 for my Culture & Religion mid term paper... Damn SAD man~~!!! aih~~ i regretted for not paying much attention during Dr. Lee's class... what i have to do now is study better for my coming FINALS~~!!! i cannot fail this SUBJECT!!!! neva ever.... *pray again**grabs my tutorial notes..*------------------------------------------Phew~~!!! finally i got a chance to finish it...these are my little notes for my days from 22nd till today~~